We are finding that our customer base is increasing along with the area that we service within the U.K. and Overseas market. Trueperch as a whole is now a local and nationally recognised supplier of goods and services. We like to think that is because we offer competitive prices along with first class services.

Our main customers on the Trueperch trading arm for Machinery and Spare Parts are generally located in the Middle East and Africa. Many operating Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment and Associated Machinery. Downtime is extremely costly, and we endeavour by the arrangement of collecting Machinery and Parts with our own transport, packing in house and then delivering to the airport to perform these operations within hours of breakdown or requirement, thus minimising the consequent over head costs.


Once equipment is available, the completion of the appropriate documents to ensure the safe arrival of the goods in the client’s country are prepared.

These will include Commercial Invoices, Bills of Lading, Shipping Notes,
Certificates of Origin, Insurance Certificates etc., to conform with the
special conditions of the client’s order/Letter of Credit